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Blank Calendars are designed without numbers or months; They provide freedom and flexibility to plan for various days and months of the year. But it is not all! You can go ahead and print or download the blank calendar with days as well as the months of the year included.

Also, you can download various Free Printable Blank Calendars 2024 from a page in various colors and formats. You also can download the blank calendar template for your Microsoft Excel if you want the blank calendar, which includes the months and days of the year. 

We feel bad when we forget a significant occasion or a loved one’s important day. But let’s face it—we’ve all been there. On the other hand, having a blank calendar on your desk or refrigerator might serve as a regular reminder of what’s essential to you.

Blank Calendar Landscape

blank calendar landscape linear

Blank Calendar Portrait One Page

Free Printable Blank Calendar Portrait

How can you make a Blank Calendar?

A most simple way to get the Printable Blank Calendar 2024 without any of the meetings or any appointments is to make the blank calendar, then utilize the print options for customizing the date range and the print styles (weekly, daily or yearly style)

1. In the calendar, click on add calendar or open calendar, after that, click on Create a new blank calendar

2. Type a name for your calendar in the Name box of the Create New Folder box. You can decide where to put your blank calendar as well. Outlook will create it by default as a subdirectory of your primary Calendar folder. To create your calendar, click OK.

3. In the left navigation pane under my calendars, check that box next to the blank calendar you just made. You do not have to uncheck the main calendar.

4. Your main and blank calendars should be side by side. The blank calendar can be made active by clicking anywhere on it.

5. Click on the file, then click on the print option.

6. In the print pane, you have to click on the settings, choose the preferred calendar style

7. To specify the date range, you have to click on print options, and under the print range, enter start and end dates

8.    At the last stage, you have to click on print.

Landscape Blank Calendar Printable

Blank Calendar Yearly Portrait One Pages

Blank Calendar Portrait Two Pages
Blank Calendar Portrait Two Pages

blank calendar landscape 4 pages
blank calendar landscape 4 pages

Benefits of using a blank calendar

 When digital calendars have advantages, there is something special about the physical act of writing things down and having a tangible record of the plans. This blog will discuss the advantages of utilizing the blank calendar and explore the various available types.

There is a printable calendar for everyone, whether you’re a student, a professional, or just trying to stay organized. So let’s go to work and plan for a successful year ahead!

Blank calendars deliver handy features that physical calendars cannot support. It can make digital calendars more important organizational devices that can substantially enhance productivity. Some of these productivity-increasing use cases include:

  • Setting up alerts and reminders for essential events
  • Blocking off time for focusing on the main priority tasks without any interruption
  • Connecting to another mobile tool for easy access to the calendar at every time
  • Adding essential attachments and links to increase the scheduled events

When selecting between the wealth of digital calendar options available, utilizers prioritize simplicity above all. A well-designed calendar, the ability to receive alerts or reminders, and convenience of use are the three features that 57% of respondents feel are most important when deciding which digital calendar to use.


Connectivity can also be exhaustive from the cost, resource, time, and maintenance perspective. Enter the Printable Blank Calendar 2024 PDF that lets the developers make a safe integration between the calendars across the service providers and streamline scheduling workflows within the application. 

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