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Throughout the week, do you want to take control of your meal times? One of the easiest ways is to make a Weekly Meal Planner Template and a menu for what to cook for dinner. It’s time to take the stress out of home-cooked meals, for good.

Want to cook more at home and enjoy the food you are savoring by just taking a few minutes per week to make a plan? Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Blank Food TrackerColorful My Food JournalBlack & White Food Tracker Template
Blank Food Tracker TemplateColorful My Food JournalBlack an White Food Tracker Template
Weekly Meal PlannerMeal Planner Pink Header PDFMeal Planner Blue Header PDF
Weekly Meal Planner TemplateMeal Planner Pink HeaderMeal Planner Blue Header
Food Planner PDF TemplateFood Planner Pink BG PDFColorful Meal Planner PDF
Food Planner TemplateFood Planner Pink BG TemplateColorful Meal Planner Template
Weekly Food Tracker PrintableMy Food Journal PrintableFood Journal Printable PDF
Printable Weekly Food TrackerMy Food Journal Printable TemplateMy Food Journal Template

Meal Planning: How to Plan a Meal using a Weekly Meal Planner?

What is Meal Planning?

Meal planning should not be fancy. When I talk about meal prep, what I mean is that it takes 20 minutes per week to think about meals for the week ahead. A Weekly or Daily Meal Planner makes sure that there is less anxiety at meal hours, more time around the table with your family, and more home-cooked meals! Who doesn’t want that?

Based on what you already have, what you can find, and what your family probably wants to eat, you have to prepare meals! Plus, you’re less likely to be anxious through the week if you take just a few minutes at the beginning of the week to craft a meal planner. And in order to make your week hassle-free, you must do some sort of meal prep.

How to Plan a Meal with a Weekly Meal Planner?

That is the meal plan or structure I use every single week. All right, well—most weeks. This system works insanely well when I am planning meals. Let me give you a list of them. The key ingredient is that you make things work for “you and your situation”.

  • Choose from the Meal planner Templates and print one out (or use your whiteboard or chalkboard). 
  • Brainstorm. Consider the ingredients you have and the food you want to eat (or make).
  • Fill up your Meal Planner Template PDF for the week with your menu, along with all other obligations you need to keep track of.
  • Based on the meal you planned for the week, write out your grocery list.
  • Map ahead your weekly schedule for cooking. Is there something you need to do to make it happen? Write it down in the meal prep segment.
  • Go grocery shopping. Just make sure you stick to your plan.

What is a Meal Planner Template Printable?

Your Meal Planner Template Printable is just a way to organize your meal plan. Using a GPS to drive somewhere you haven’t been before is a lot like following a meal plan.

Sure, without any directions, you might just work things out, but it’s a bit more stressful and sometimes it’s good to just sit back and just follow the directions. I don’t know about you, but I can clearly notice a big difference in my levels of stress over the weeks I follow my meal planner. 

Planning your meals is a helpful way to ensure that you are eating healthy. Whether you are looking to shed those extra kilos or boost your diet, a meal planner can also make a major difference to your resolutions and your wallet.

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